Smart Dragon Ballot Expert Election Material List

Smart Dragon Ballot Expert provide one-stop electoral supplies procurement services to help national and local election commissions find the products they need in China quickly. We have professional ballot box injection molding factory, indelible election ink and marker factory, voting booth factory, plastic security seal factory. We can complete the production of goods in the shortest time, to ensure that the goods are delivered to the scene before election day.


Among them, plastic ballot boxes, metal ballot boxes, voting bags, plastic voting booths, paper voting booths, plastic security seals, indelible election ink, indelible ink pens are our superior products. Also, we have other well-established suppliers, providing customers with stamp ink, tamper proof envelopes, election clothes, election caps, election posters, badges, work cards, candidate souvenirs, etc.

Ballot Box

We have the most ballot box molds in China, from 40 to 130 liters, and provide you with 40L, 45L, 50L, 55L, 60L, 86L, 100L, 109L plastic ballot box.

You can also choose the color, transparency, logo that you need. The transparency of the plastic ballot box is 0%, 50%, 70%, and 90%.


In addition to plastic ballot box, you can choose our style or customize your foldable metal ballot box, because the metal ballot box is not limited by the mold, and it has better flexibility in appearance and capacity.


Paper ballot boxes are also used in some countries, like Australia. It is a relatively environmentally friendly recyclable material, while in some wet places, paper ballot boxes are easy to damp. Therefore, we have also introduced another type of ballot box made of PP hollow board material, which can prevent moisture and insects.


PVC ballot box/voting bag has the characteristics of being foldable, light weight, but high cost. It can be customized to be completely transparent or opaque, and we have supplied this product to Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, etc.


Voting Booth

Polling stations are generally divided into plastic voting booth, metal voting booth, and paper voting booth. Paper voting booth is the cheapest in cost, and it is very environmentally friendly, but it is easy to damage, damp., etc.


Plastic Security Seal

Plastic security seals play an important role in ensuring the safety of elections. We offer hundreds of different designs of plastic security seals for our customers.

In general, our customers also purchase our plastic security seals when purchasing plastic ballot boxes, because we can ensure that both goods are completed at the same time and shipped in the specified requirements.


Indelible Ink and Pen

Indelible Ink are used for elections and voting. The content of the silver nitrate could be 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, and its bottle volume is generally 15ml-100ml. Indelible ink has the property of not being washed away by water, bleach or alcohol. It lasts for more than 72 hours and can effectively ensure the fairness of elections.


Other Election Supplies

We also have other well-established suppliers, providing customers with stamp inks, tamper proof envelopes, election clothes, election caps, election posters, badges, work cards, candidate souvenirs, etc.


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