How to choose your plastic security seals?

Plastic security seals, also called disposable seals are made of PP(polypropylene) or nylon materials. It provides high security function in preventing the goods are stolen, changed or modified, which are widely used in Bank , Airline, Express services, Supermarket and Elections. Factories will make special mark on seal body to identify.


In the market, there are mainly two types of plastic seals according to the production process , one is plastic seals by one -step injection molding , another one is the plastic seals by injection molding with welding technology.

SE-SLP001 one-step injection plastic seals injection with welding technology plastic seals.


The difference is that if install the metal insert during injection procedure. Comparison between the two, the former is much more productive and less cost. 

Also in actual demands, plastic seals have different lock ways now, such as fixed lock range vs. flexible lock range, one lock flag vs. Two locks flag, hand broken vs. Tool broken and so on. And for security features, we offer laser printing , hot-stamping printing and label sticker on the seal flag with bar code, serial numbers, company name or logo. 

Ballot Expert is concentrating on the research plastic seals, and has developed more than 100 types plastic seals from the length 18cm to 50cm.