What is a Voting Polling Booth

The balloting table is a closed table within the polling station. Voters can choose what they want to vote on the voting paper without being known by others. Usually voting stations can be divided into corrugated cardboard polling stations, PP voting stations, and metal voting stations. The paper version and the hollow version of the voting table are similar to the table form, and are surrounded by three sides. The metal balloting table usually has a curtain. Blocking, in which case confidentiality is stronger. Usually only the voters are there at the voting station alone, except for some who need to help.


For the polling booth, also can be called voting booth or cubic. Normal we will use the single polling booth, but sometimes, some countries will request the double polling booth or three polling booth. If choose the double or three types, then can save some cost like freight and the total cost. Also don't affect the security. Because will have the baffle each other .  


The polling booth will have much space to print the election logo. So everyone can know that's for election. Also the polling booth can be very flexible to design different shapes as request and can fold that in shipment. So many countries would like to purchase these from China.