2019 Nigeria Election Supplies

2019 Nigeria Election Supplies

The general election will be held in Nigeria on February 16, 2019 to elect the President and the National Assembly. This will be the sixth quadrennial election since the end of the military rule in 1999. The presidential primaries may be held in the last six months of 2018.


As the largest supplier of Nigerian elections in 2015, Smart Dragon Ballot Expert has already made well preparation to provide related electoral materials in setting up multi-strip production lines, logistics and transportation, etc. to ensure that the materials arrive on time in upcoming general election. Let us work together for a smooth general election in 2018.

Nigeria Election Recommended Products

PP Plastic Ballot Box


PVC Ballot Box


Double Seat Plastic Voting Station


Indelible Ink Pen


Reflective Jacket


Ballot Paper


Plastic Security Seal


Indelible Ink


Plastic Turnover Box


Plastic Trolley


Envelop Bag


Smart Dragon and Nigeria

In 2014 BallotExpert was awarded the supply and delivery of Ballot Boxes, Lids, ballots, bags and seals for the 2015 Election in Nigeria. Such as 400,000 pieces Ballot Boxes and 4,000,000 pieces security seals, 60,000 pieces polling booth indelible ink pen, reflective jacket and so on!


In July 2016 BallotExpert finished the Ballot Box with plastic seal smoothly for Adawama State Nigeria. When we received the order, even though we would have the official holiday in china , we also worked so hard to catch the production deadline. At last, we finished the goods within 6 days. we proved that if the customer gave us the order, then they don't need to worry about anything, the only thing need to do is trust us. 


In January 2018, Ballot Expert successfully shipped about 20000pcs ballot boxes for Nigeria 2019 Election. We received the purchase order at the beginning of January, it took 2 weeks for the production, at the end of January, the buyers came to factory for the final inspection, as what we promised, we ensure to provide best products, all boxes 100% passed the inspection, buyers were very satisfied with the quality. They said will place more orders in future, as they believe us and our products.