Indelible Ink Development

Normally indelible ink just can stay in finger within 72 hours because of silver nitrate, but now we have succeeded to develop  the indelible ink staying in finger more than 15 days. This development will help the election more public and fair. People will be easy to accept the result for the election.

Marked elections are used as effective security measures to prevent double voting in elections. The ink is usually left on the left index finger, especially for the stratum corneum, which is hardly removed quickly. According to different situations and preferences, election ink can be used in different ways. The most common method is to soak the bottle with a sponge insert, use a brushed bottle, a spray bottle, and a marker pen. All methods are to allow the fingers to dry for 15-30 seconds and be exposed to light before cleaning to ensure that they are visible within 72 hours of marking.


Electoral markers usually contain pigments for immediate identification. When exposed to ultraviolet light, silver nitrate will  have chemically reacts, leaving marks that cannot be washed away, and is removed only when external skin cells are replaced. The industry standard electoral ink contains 5% to 25% silver nitrate solution, depending on how long the marking needs to be visible. Although often water-based electoral markers occasionally contain solvents, such as alcohol, to speed up drying, especially when used with soaking bottles, they may also contain fungicides to ensure that bacteria do not move from one voter to another.