Plastic File Box Storage Box With Wheel
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Plastic File Box Storage Box With Wheel

Polypropylene document storage boxes

The box has two capacities 60 liters Max 63Land 65 liters Max 73L. You can get a factory price from us.

Stack them on top of each other to save space and keep collections of items together in the closet, basement, attic or garage. See-through base allows for easy identification of contents.




Model: SE-BXS004——60L

Capacity:50-60L(Max 63L & 73L

Lid: 56 x 41 cm

Top: 55 x 40 cm

Base: 47.5 x 33 cm

High: 34 cm

Thickness: 2.5~3.5 (mm)

Weight: 2.0~2.5kg

Transparency: 0%, 50%, 70%, 90%