Ballot Papers Voting Card
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Ballot Papers Voting Card

BallotExpert can provide ballot tickets and other secure election materials for any location in the world.

We are able to supply state of the art printing for all your ballot needs. Complete with complicated features like water marks and silver foil embossing to make forgery next to impossible within the normal timeframe of an election process.

We can also offer to pack the required number of ballots together with your ballot boxes making your work during the election process as easy as possible. 



The following features are printed on our ballots:

CMYK)4C, or 4C + 1C, or single-sided 4C, Pantone color, film lamination, embossing quantity, bar code, serial number, punching, UV printing, etc.

Variable Features: Changeable Numbers, Serial Numbers, Serial Data, Bar Codes

Safe Design - Covert and Open

Watermark paper

UV ink



Hard to copy

Controlled manufacturing

Visible under ultraviolet light

BallotExpert provides election election printing services, including printed ballots, voter registration cards, registration forms and result forms. For the confidentiality of election information, we promise absolute security and security control.

And we have extensive experience in freight and logistics management in the election industry, ensuring that the election supplies arrive at the election location